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American Renaissance Speakers Call for White Homeland

Over 150 white nationalists gathered yesterday at Montgomery Bell State Park outside Nashville, Tenn., for the American Renaissance conference. This year’s event featured new speakers and a noticeably younger audience, with half the crowd raising their hands after Jared Taylor, emcee of the event, opened it by asking, “How many of you are first time attendees?”

One first time speaker was “RamZPaul,” real name Paul Ray Ramsey, whose series of YouTube videos have racked up some 4.3 million views in the last four years (only former Klansman David Duke seems to have outpaced him among web-savvy racists, with more than 6.7 million YouTube views in the same time period). Posting what he calls “mostly satire that pokes fun at the establishment,” the 49-year-old Tulsa suburbanite’s sarcastic videos have become a weekly staple on major racist websites including Vanguard News Network and Stormfront.

Ramsey is becoming a hero to many on the radical right. “Ramzpaul is brilliant. A huge asset,” gushed anti-Semitic Cal State Long Beach professor Kevin MacDonald last January. Ramsey’s videos often appear on MacDonald’s racist site Occidental Observer. Last April, one of Ramsey’s videos opened with a shout out from Kyle Bristow, author of the racist novel White Apocalypse, which graphically depicts the murder of a fictional character based on a Southern Poverty Law Center employee.

At American Renaissance, Ramsey’s topic was “Sex and Nationalism,” and basically consisted of an attack on feminism mixed in with rather crude racist jokes. Ramsey said, “Feminism is a disease. What is the cause? It is the delusion that the sexes are equal. It is the mother of all delusions.” Apparently, Ramsey is very concerned that women’s focus on their careers, which often delays when they have children, is making our society matriarchal. The result, says Ramsey, is submissive men that white women don’t care to marry. Ramsey asserts, “We need more growth in white children” and white “secession.” If not, “Men’s rights will end. Christians will end. White conservatives will end.”

He seems less concerned about black women’s fertility. Ramsey said sarcastically that forty percent of all abortions are performed on black women. “In my neighborhood, it’s called Crime Stoppers.” He concluded his anti-feminist rant with a “joke.” “How can you tell if a white supremacist agrees with you? They say K-K-K.”

After his speech, Ramsey took a question from Matthew Heimbach, a member of the racist League of the South who has been in the news much of late for forming a white student union at Towson University in Maryland. Heimbach liked Ramsey’s speech, but wanted to know how to move forward in creating a white’s only homeland. “Where do we create our ethno state?” Heimbach asked. Ramsey’s answer: “We need to Balkanize and create our own homeland. We have a right to exist.” He suggested the Southwest for Latinos and the Southeast for African Americans.

Jared Taylor, head of American Renaissance, also took up the white homeland message. He opened his speech saying, “We want a homeland where we are a majority. We almost had one in the United States of America.” Taylor worries that by 2060, whites will only make up thirty percent of the population and Latinos will be the majority (The U.S. Census Bureau predicts whites will become a minority in the 2040s and no ethnic or racial group will be the majority). “Our government is permitting a neighboring country [meaning Mexico] to invade our country. We have a government of traitors,” Taylor raged. He lamented, “White people who express a desire for a homeland are labeled as haters.”

Much of Taylor’s talk was made up of relatively random racist or sexist rants. He asked, “Why would anyone believe the races are equal? And, “How can anyone think women should be in combat? Males and females are different.” Even if this weren’t true, Taylor complained, “the idea of sending the childbearing sex into combat is stupefying.” For Taylor, the end of white power began with the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision that desegregated public schools. But now, he says, the “insanity has gone well beyond race.” Sounding more ominous than usual, Taylor concluded, “We want a homeland…Think of secession…Think of hometowns. We have to build them ourselves…Survival is the first law. We have no choice but to keep fighting.”

Heimbach asked Taylor the same question he asked Ramsey: “The federal government will continue its genocide of our people. Where should we go? What is the best way to create a homeland?” “It will work itself out organically in ways we can’t predict,” Taylor responded. “White anger may erupt in places we’ve not heard of…Eventually we will wake up.”

Richard Spencer of the white nationalist National Policy Institute also plugged for a white homeland. Spencer argued for “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” a process he did not explain, that would clear parts of North America for Caucasians and suggested that the new state welcome white refugees from Europe. Spencer advocated a “sort of white Zionism” that would infuse whites with the dream of such a homeland just as Zionism helped spur the creation of Israel. “It is perfectly feasible for a white state to be established on the North American continent. Action is the easy part,” Spencer opined, adding, “I have a dream.”

Other speakers took up themes about race and intelligence more common to past American Renaissance conferences. For example, Byron Roth, professor emeritus of psychology at Dowling College, spoke fondly of eugenicists Arthur Jensen and Jean-Philippe Rushton, both of whom died in 2012. Roth explained to the group that American education is failing because of the inferior genetics of its increasingly minority student body. He displayed a series of charts supposedly proving this thesis that showed that the IQs of whites are higher than those of blacks and Latinos, but lower than those of Asians. Roger McGrath, a retired history professor and sometime contributor to the History Channel, spoke as usual on a seemingly unrelated historical topic that serves to extol white achievement. Yesterday, his PowerPoint presentation highlighted World War II flying aces. He called them, “Warrior Heroes of our Tribe.”

The event will be rounded out with speeches by John Derbyshire, who was fired from the conservative publication National Review for his racist rants; Fabrice Robert, president of the Bloc Identitaire, a French nationalist movement; and Sam Dickson, a Holocaust denier and former Klan attorney who has closed every meeting since the conferences began.

Some prominent white nationalists skipped the conference. David Duke published an open letter on March 25 saying that Taylor has requested he stay away because he is “too controversial.” Duke’s letter reminded attendees not to forget the “real architects of [white] genocide,” which for him are Jews. Don Black, who runs the racist forum Stormfront, also took a pass this year.

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