Longtime Neo-Nazi Activist Steven Speece Penned Racist Novel Jack’s War

Steven Speece, author of the popular racist novel "Jack’s War: Through the Gates of Hell"

One of the more popular novels in racist circles is Jack’s War: Through the Gates of Hell, published last year. A crazy racial revenge story, the novel was put out under the pseudonym C.C. Conrad. Turns out C.C. Conrad is the Mobile, Ala.-based Steven Speece, a longtime neo-Nazi activist.

Speece was for years a key member of the National Alliance, which until the early 2000s was the most important and dangerous neo-Nazi group in the country (for a list of its members’ crimes, read here). Speece distributed the group’s literature and attended its leadership conference in April 2000 (right). He was at one time involved in White Aryan Resistance and various Klan groups.

Speece’s self-published book tells a vicious tale of “when inner city savages” [meaning black people] “brutally rape and murder [Jack Corr’s] beautiful fiancée.” Corr comes to realize that it was his mistake to have talked to his fiancée’s attackers, who as minorities, he comes to realize, could never be trusted. The justice system fails Corr, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and “make war.” The resulting violence, which includes a bombing and murders, is brutal.

Repeated requests by phone for comment from Speece were not returned.

This is just one in a long stream of racial revenge novels, the most notable being The Turner Diaries, that have been put out by white supremacists. Penned by William Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance who died in 2002, The Turner Diaries proved inspirational to Timothy McVeigh, who based his 1995 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City on a scene from the book.

Jack’s War was edited by Kevin Alfred Strom, who played a key role for years in the National Alliance, creating and hosting the group’s shortwave radio show “American Dissident Voices” and editing its publication National Vanguard. Strom ultimately rose to become Pierce’s favorite aide. Strom also designed the cover of Jack’s War (right). Strom says of the work on his personal website: “C.C. Conrad will sweep the action-loving reader off his feet with intense scenes of anti-White murder – and righteous White vengeance.” Strom also praises the book in a blurb on the back cover.

What’s not mentioned on the back cover, where Strom’s work on the book is credited, is his criminal history. On Jan. 4, 2007, federal agents arrested him near his home in Stanardsville, Va. Strom was charged with possessing and receiving child pornography, enticing a minor to perform sex acts and intimidating a witness, sending shock waves through the white supremacist world. In 2008, Strom was convicted on federal charges of possessing child pornography and sent to prison. He was released later that year and is again posting white supremacist materials on his two websites.

The other fan of Jack’s War, according to his back cover blurb, is “Horus the Avenger.” He calls the work a tale of “justice obtained” as “Jack Corr hunts down and destroys the monsters who murdered his sweetheart and destroyed his life plans.” Long a mysterious figure on the web, Horus was recently unmasked by my colleague Ryan Lenz as Timothy Gallaher Murdock, 43, of Dearborn Heights, Mich. An avowed anti-Semite and one-time day trader, Murdock is single and lives in the basement of his parents’ home, where, he says, he cares for his terminally ill mother and dedicates his time to building up “Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit,” an online allegory designed to expose “white genocide” and patterned after Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

It’s not surprising that Murdock is a fan of Jack’s War. It explicitly endorses Murdock’s idea that a white genocide is occurring and repeats one of his favorite sayings, including a specific part of what he calls “the mantra” that includes the line “‘anti-racist’ is a code word for anti-white.” In fact, it’s not until Jack Corr hears these words from a white supremacist that his racist epiphany is triggered and he realizes he must go on his killing spree. No wonder Speece’s book earns Murdock’s high praise.