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Militia-leading Pennsylvania Police Chief Slated for Termination

Everyone’s favorite “libtard”-hating, potty-mouthed police chief is about to lose his job – but not without a few last jabs before he loses the limelight that has made him something of a celebrity in the antigovernment “Patriot” movement.

The borough council of Gilberton, Pa., voted 6-1 on Thursday to fire Mark Kessler, who has since been given a termination notice. Kessler faced disciplinary action after he posted videos of himself firing automatic weapons that were owned by the borough and cursing about gun control last summer.

While the notice of termination comes just weeks after Gilberton voted to suspend Kessler indefinitely, it is not yet the final chapter. According to The Patriot-News, Kessler has the right to challenge the firing with a public hearing, which could occur in as few as 10 days.

Joseph Nahas, Kessler’s attorney, did not return several phone calls seeking comment on Friday. But when contacted by Hatewatch, Kessler offered assurances that he would take “legal action” against the borough. Then, he launched into a  tirade about the Southern Poverty Law Center, which publishes Hatewatch.

“Russia needs good people. Why don’t you get on a boat, and take your whole organization with you?” Kessler said. “You’re disgusting. You’re vile creatures. You don’t belong in this country.”

Though it is unclear what will happen in the end, Kessler does appear to have another business proposition already in the works. His website reports that he is now conducting firearms training for Tactical Response, which is run by James Yeager out of Camden, Tenn. Last January, Yeager came to national attention after he posted a furious rant saying that if President Obama used his executive powers to enact gun restrictions, he would “start killing people.”

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