Hatewatch Headlines 7/9/15

Salon: Why the ‘paranoid style’ of Alex Jones and his Jade Helm fantasies aren’t going away – and why that’s scary.

Tulsa World: Feds wrap up Aryan Brotherhood methamphetamine case with 11 plea deals.

Talking Points Memo: White supremacist Don Black starts legal defense fund after FBI visit related to Dylann Roof.

Mashable: Muslim groups raise $300,000 and counting to help rebuild black Christian churches.

Media Matters: NRA claims ‘race-baiting’ mainstream media puts on a ‘modern-day minstrel show’ that push negative stereotypes of black gun owners.

Right Wing Watch: Ann Coulter tells Republicans to ‘drive up the white vote; that’s your base.’

AlterNet: Why dropping the Confederate flag is an existential threat to a large bloc of the conservative movement.