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Hatewatch Headlines 8/18/15

Confederate flag rally turns ugly; The roots of Donald Trump’s nativist immigration plan; Anti-Muslim organizer threatens bloodshed; Larry Klayman warns of a coming revolt; and more.

Sun-Sentinel (Palm Beach, FL): Confederate flag defenders attack ‘Black Lives Matter’ counter-protesters, displaying weapons.

Media Matters: Donald Trump’s call for the 14th Amendment to be dismantled has roots in right-wing media.

WDAY-TV (Fargo, N.D.): White supremacist Craig Cobb wants to rename town he’s trying to take over after Donald Trump.

Raw Story: Arizona man behind anti-Muslim gun demonstrations threatens bloodshed at October rally by Farrakhan.

Political Research Associates: World Congress of Families gathering to feature anti-LGBT pseudo-scholars.

Right Wing Watch: Larry Klayman warns that 1776-style revolution is coming if conservatives don’t win in 2016.

Fox News: Parents blast Florida school’s decision to hire ex-cop fired for his connections to Ku Klux Klan.

Talking Points Memo: Birthers say that four Republican presidential candidates may be ineligible. Former KKK leader spends year in prison for cross burning, is arrested again for violating probation.

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