Hatewatch Headlines 2/11/2016

Martyrdom suits the Oregon occupiers; InfoWars gets out the vote for Trump; Rubio proud of high ranking by hate group; and more.

The Oregonian: Cliven Bundy, Nevada rancher behind 2014 armed showdown with the federal government, arrested in Portland. 

Washington Post: The right-wing Oregon occupiers have a martyr now, and that should worry everyone.

Salt Lake Tribune: Two days after Finicum funeral, hotel maid finds gunshot damage in room.

Media Matters: Donald Trump’s campaign joined Alex Jones’ conspiracy website to get out the vote in New Hampshire.

Right Wing Watch: Marco Rubio boasts of his perfect score from Family Research Council, a hate group.

Think Progress: Why the Democrats spoke out against racism in a very white state Tuesday night.

NR Today (Roseburg, OR): Activist connected to Oath Keepers, ‘III Percenters’ announces bid for county commission.

Rolling Stone: Photos from inside the closed FLDS community on the Utah-Arizona border.