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Hatewatch Headlines 7/26/2016

The alarming rise of white nationalism; Trump’s role in normalizing white supremacy; Carto’s file open to the public; and more.

Colorlines: It’s time to ring the alarm about white nationalism.

Think Progress: Donald Trump and the normalization of white male supremacy.

Salon: Data reveals the basic anatomy of the average Trump voter – driven more by racism than economics.

Talking Points Memo: Trump foreign-policy adviser retweets anti-Semitic post about email leaks.

Politico: The GOP shut down a program that might have prevented Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Media Matters: Fox’s Sean Hannity silent as guest Bo Dietl proclaims ‘we have a race war going on.’

Los Angeles Times: I had lunch with a white nationalist group, and here’s what I discovered about them.

Right Wing Watch: GOP lawmaker Dick Black claims Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy is ‘ethnic cleansing.’

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Lauderdale man charged with hate crime after two Somali men are shot en route to prayers.

Raw Story: White Michigan lawyer complains about ‘insensitive’ backlash after comparing black judge to gorilla.

Sacramento Bee: Pastor who lauded Orlando massacre will host like-minded preachers in Sacramento.

Review-Journal (Las Vegas, NV): Neo-Nazi gets a makeover to hide his tattoos from jury in his robbery trial.

The Daily Beast: Trans student reports that school forced him to wear wristband in the bathroom.

Oregonian: Newspaper sues to prevent Grant County sheriff from destroying emails in dispute arising from Malheur standoff.

Paleofuture: The FBI releases its file on Willis Carto, the notorious anti-Semite conspiracist recently buried in Arlington.

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