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Hatewatch Headlines 10/21/2016

Kobach thinks ‘alien votes’ are rigging the election; Trump’s scary effect on kids; How to rescue Twitter from hate? and more.

Politico: Donald Trump’s ‘immigration whisperer’ Kris Kobach thinks the election is rigged with ‘the votes of aliens’.

Vox: Trump’s scary effect on how kids think: ‘All the black and brown people have to leave.’

The Guardian (UK): Trump loyalists plan their own ‘exit polls’ on Election Day in key cities amid ‘rigged election’ claims.

New York Times: Trump creates a schism within the American religious right.

Media Matters: Trump adviser Roger Stone once again appears on radio program aligned with white nationalists.

Associated Press: In the age of Trump, profile of Maryland white supremacist Heimbach grows.

The Verge: What should we do about these white supremacists who have turned Twitter into a portal to mainstream hate?

Forward: Online neo-Nazi hit list website is shut down after report on harassment.

40/29 News (Fort Smith, AR): Two mosques in Fort Smith vandalized with hate graffiti, but perpetrators are caught on video cameras.

Mashable: White supremacist banned from Twitter still directs anti-Semitic harassment on social media.

Right Wing Watch: Patrick Buchanan complains that the system is rigged against white men.

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