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Hatewatch Headlines 11/2/2016

Bundy family warns of another standoff; Accused bomb plotter rails in court; Samantha Bee highlights Trump’s Alt-Right sync-up; and more.

Washington Post: In the Nevada desert, the Bundy family warns of another looming standoff.

The Oregonian: Defense attorneys in remaining Malheur cases awaiting trial urge that charges be dropped after acquittals.

New York Times: The Bundy verdict in Oregon puts a target on the back of federal lands workers around the country. (Rochester, NH): Malheur defendant Gerald DeLemus plans to change guilty plea to ‘not guilty.’

CBS News: Patrick Stein, accused Kansas mosque bombing plotter, rails against ‘ridiculous’ court proceedings.

WSFA-TV (Montgomery, AL): Two Georgia men suspected in terrorism plot believed bizarre conspiracy theories.

Media Matters: Samantha Bee highlights how Donald Trump’s campaign and the alt-right’s white nationalists are in sync.

SkyNews (UK): How the ‘Trump Effect’ is transforming the American political landscape.

Talking Points Memo: Trump campaign denounces anti-McMullin robocalls from white nationalist.

The IND (Lafayette, LA): In rural Louisiana, the KKK launches its own get-out-the-vote effort.

WJLA-TV (Baltimore): Second Maryland school this month becomes target of anti-Semitic hate crime.

CBS News: Mississippi governor, with the help of hate group ADF, fights for anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ law in court.

DNAInfo (Harlem, NY): Black Israelite hate group’s headquarters in Harlem raided in financial investigation.

Right Wing Watch: ‘Ex-gay’ speakers warn that Satan tries to drag black people back into homosexuality.

USA Today: Poll reveals how millennials feel about Black Lives Matter (mostly positively) and the alt-right (not so much).

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