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Hatewatch Headlines 12/13/2016

Trump’s team of conspiracy theorists; Spencer and cohort return to Twitter; Putin a ‘beacon’ for American alt-right; and more.

Right Wing Watch: Donald Trump assembles a team of conspiracy theorists for the White House.

Washington Post: Twitter banned white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, but now he’s back.

The Guardian: Thousands of Muslims plan to march on the White House in last-ditch bid to dismantle discriminatory registry.

Business Insider: Vladimir Putin’s Russia has emerged as a ‘beacon for nationalists’ among the American Alt-Right.

LobeLog: Incoming NSA chief Michael Flynn’s Twitter account follows racists and conspiracy theorists.

New York Times: Proposed anti-Semitism legislation would be in clear violation of the First Amendment.

Huffington Post: West Virginia official who called Michelle Obama an ‘ape in heels’ gets her old job back.

Talking Points Memo: GOP senators plan to introduce anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ legislation in coming session.

Raw Story: Washington state man gets jail time for threatening Native American candidate with racial slurs.

Towleroad: National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown launches a global anti-LGBT hate group.

WKYT-TV (Lexington, KY): Black nationalists gather in Lexington for New Black Panthers Party protest of local incident.

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