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Hatewatch Headlines 1/23/2017

White nationalist cowrote Trump’s speech; We’ve heard ‘America First’ before; Spencer punching video goes viral; and more.

Think Progress: Donald Trump’s bleak inauguration speech was actually co-authored by a white nationalist.

Huffington Post: Trump embraces a slogan, “America First,” with a long-established anti-Semitic history.

Vice: Trump’s new White House website doesn’t mention civil rights, or climate change, or health care.

Media Matters: White nationalists celebrate Trump’s inauguration with ‘Hail Prez Trump!’

The Independent: The president’s official tweets are now written by a man who regularly promotes fake stories.

Right Wing Watch: Evangelist Jim Bakker says a ‘born again’ Trump is battling evil and all those women marching to ‘kill their babies.’

The New York Times: Attack on "Alt-Right" leader has the Internet asking: Is it OK to punch a Nazi?

The Atlantic: The far right in America: A brief taxonomy.

Think Progress: Alabama found guilty of racial gerrymandering by federal appeals court, ordered to redraw voting maps.

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