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Report: A Look at Andrew Anglin's Tumultuous Teenage Years

Andrew Anglin, proprietor of the meme-fueled neo-Nazi cesspool the Daily Stormer, was an outspoken liberal and a vegan prone to violent tantrums as a teenager in Worthington, Ohio, according to a profile published by Columbus Alive last week.

Contrary to his own self-serving account of his ideological evolution –– from “all that communist Jewish stuff” to Alex Jones conspiracy theories, 4chan’s /new/, and Mein Kampf –– the profile depicts an outspoken critic of homophobia and racism that sported dreadlocks and JNCO pants. His favorite bands were reportedly Propagandhi and the Dead Kennedys.

He was also, according to former classmates, unpredictable and prone to violent outbursts.

“Three classmates described one high school gathering where Anglin repeatedly slammed his head into the sidewalk in front of the house where the party was taking place,” Columbus Alive reported. “Similarly, the walls of Anglin’s childhood bedroom were dotted with indentations, owing to a predilection for slamming his head into things when lashing out.”

Anglin’s erratic behavior and reported tantrums match his neo-Nazi propaganda mill, which Anglin has used throughout its three years of existence to marshal more than a dozen separate online harassment campaigns aimed at a variety of victims including British MPs, Nintendo employees, children, and journalists to name a few.

The Daily Stormer surpassed Stormfront as the most trafficked site on the racist web this summer.

Anglin, who is typically quick to respond to any negative attention, has been tellingly silent about Columbus Alive’s report. He did not respond to an email request seeking comment. 

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