Hatewatch Headlines 3/15/2017

Are we raising a generation of racists? King predicts blacks, Hispanics ‘fighting each other’; Alt-right cracking up in dispute between Infowars, Spencer; and more.

The New York Times: Are we raising racists?

CNN Politics: Rep. Steve King doubles down, claims black and Hispanics ‘will be fighting each other’ before overtaking whites.

The Daily Beast: Infowars’ nasty alt-right breakup with Richard Spencer – and the KKK.

Los Angeles Times: Spencer’s white-nationalist National Policy Institute loses its tax-exempt status with the IRS.

Florida Today: ACT! for America disputes its status as an anti-Muslim hate group, claims it doesn’t demonize Islam.

Think Progress: ‘This is what hate looks like’: D.C. transgender shelter vandalized, hit with death threat.

JoeMyGod: GOP gubernatorial prospect appoints hate-group leader to constitutional  review commission.

Right Wing Watch: New poll finds religious right’s extremist agenda to be extremely unpopular.

Willamette Week (Portland, OR): A ‘celebrity’ Klansman surfaces in the Portland area, where neo-Nazi activity is already bubbling.

The Diamondback (College Park, MD): White-nationalist posters attacking ‘illegal aliens’ plastered around U of Maryland campus.

New York Post: Neo-Nazi charged in bar assault on students claims he was provoked by victims.

Washington Post: Poland accuses 98-year-old Minnesota man of ordering Nazi massacre in 1944.