Hatewatch Headlines 3/22/2017

Gabriel visits the Trump White House; Alt-right may have a nexus with Russians; Twitter’s new software aims to oust users threatening violence; and more.

The Guardian (UK): Brigitte Gabriel, leader of anti-Muslim hate group, pays a visit to the White House.

Talking Points Memo: Hearings on Russian interference again raise likelihood of an alt-right nexus with the Putin regime.

Media Matters: Birthers and fringe outlets claim NSA documents back up Trump’s lie about wiretaps.

Reuters: Twitter says it has new software to help find and ban users advocating violence.

WGBH News (Boston): A major new study shows that political polarization is mainly a right-wing phenomenon.

The Trace: What we know and don’t know about the role of firearms in perpetrating racial hate attacks.

The Intercept: Poll finds American Muslims are worried about their safety, and getting more active in their communities.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Two South Carolina lawmakers help prep survivalist communities ‘to restore the fabric of America.’

Indianapolis Monthly: Matthew Heimbach hopes to establish a white America from his new compound in Indiana.

Los Angeles Times: Georgia nonprofit says it unwittingly contributed $25,000 to Richard Spencer’s hate group.

Raw Story: Howard University students outraged after white professor held mock ‘slave auction’ in class.

San Francisco Chronicle: American spring breakers in Cancun, Mexico, begin chanting, ‘Build that wall!’

Associated Press: Friend of Dylann Roof’s receives 27-month sentence for failing to report crime, lying to FBI.

CBS New York: Elected lawmakers’ offices targeted with hate graffiti.

Right Wing Watch: Rick Joyner warns that if court strikes down Trump’s travel ban, it could lead to civil war.

Salon: Anti-LGBT bigotry isn’t just bad for business, it’s bad for your career.

Mother Jones: America’s gun-buying spree appears to be over, as gun industry hits a ‘Trump slump.’

Huffington Post: Somehow, Jane Austen has become an (ironic) icon for the alt-right.