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Hatewatch Headlines 3/30/2017

White men are listening to Internet’s darkest voices; Victim of alt-right trolls describes ‘hell’; Jones puts anti-Semitism on stark display; and more.

Wonkette: The Internet is telling white men to kill black men and ‘s----,’ and white men are listening.

Seattle Times: UW professor warns that the ‘information war’ is real, and we’re losing it.

San Francisco Chronicle: Victim of online alt-right trolls describes the hell inflicted by anonymous racists for ‘fun’.

Associated Press: Notorious alt-right troll ‘Weev’ calls the online tactics a ‘national sport.’

BuzzFeed: Conservative publisher Regnery rumored to pick up Milo Yiannopoulos book.

Media Matters: Alex Jones’ anti-Semitism rises to the fore: ‘The head of the Jewish mafia is George Soros.’

Think Progress: The Supreme Court just quietly handed some very bad news to anti-LGBT businesses and advocates.

Washington Examiner: Nancy Pelosi connects Trump to alt-right, white supremacist movements in speech to AIPAC.

Pink News: Trump revokes part of Obama’s LGBT protections despite promising not to touch them.

Raw Story: Trump’s Interior secretary suggests U.S. will seize Mexican land in order to build border wall, report says.

Huffington Post: Criminalizing the Muslim Brotherhood helps dictators and hurts Americans.

Salon: Trump campaign’s Virginia chairman is running a Confederate-friendly campaign for governor.

Outlook (Troutdale, OR): Iranian man’s home vandalized with threatening hate graffiti, death-threat note weighted with bullets.

Dallas Morning News: To promote Texas’ ‘bathroom bill,’ Dan Patrick turns to notorious anti-LGBT groups.

AlterNet: Teenage girl shares heartbreaking story of father’s capture by ICE: ‘It was the hardest thing to watch.’

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