Hatewatch Headlines 4/3/2017

Why anti-Semitism strikes the deepest chords; Trump lawsuit for supporters’ violence proceeds; Oregon farmers scramble to find labor; and more.

The New York Times: Why is anti-Semitic hate different from all other hate?

Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY): Judge rules that Louisville lawsuit against Trump, supporters, for rally violence can proceed.

Oregonian: Trump’s immigration crackdown has Oregon farmers scrambling to cover labor shortage.

The Cut: Inside the dangerous convergence of the alt-right and the men’s rights movement.

Fusion: The conspiracy theories of Trumpland: A complete and comprehensive bestiary.

Media Matters: Alex Jones attacks ‘the Jewish press’ for reporting on his ‘Jewish mafia’ commentary.

Spin: The Internet’s anonymous neo-Nazis have realized they played themselves now that Trump plans to kill Internet privacy.

Washington Post: A live stream of Shia LaBeouf chanting was disrupted by Nazi-themed dancing – and then things got really weird.

Right Wing Watch: Theodore Shoebat claims gay people are a ‘vehicle for demons,’ and must be put to death.

New York Daily News: Muslim family’s Virginia home vandalized, a Koran torn up and their green cards stolen.

WRSP-TV (Springfield, IL): Governor spearheads initiative to combat hate groups, radicalization through social media.

Great Falls Tribune (MT): Rabbis form group to fight anti-Semitism in Montana.

Detroit News: Attorney who posted hateful anti-LGBT rants on Facebook loses his Michigan law license.

History News Network: Rep. Steve King’s wish for white racial purity has a long history among American conservatives.