Hatewatch Headlines 4/18/2017

Study finds racism was biggest factor for Trump voters; Violence and threats in far-right counter-resistance; Heimbach claims Trump directed him in rally assault; and more.

Washington Post: Study finds that racism, far more than authoritarianism or economic concerns, motivated Trump voters.

Washington Spectator: Threats, guns and extremism are fueling the far-right’s plans for ‘counter-resistance.’

Politico: White nationalist Matthew Heimbach files countersuit claiming Donald Trump ‘directed’ violence at campaign rally.

CNN: Another man accused in Trump rally assault also files suit blaming Trump for inspiring him.

New York Daily News: In divorce case, Alex Jones’ attorney claims he is merely a ‘performance artist.’

Right Wing Watch: Jones tells his listeners that ‘the word is’ Sasha and Malia aren’t really Obama’s children.

Idavox: Federal agents raid New Jersey home, arrest two key leaders of Aryan Strikeforce.

Washington Jewish Week: Annandale man arrested for anti-Semitic graffiti is linked to ‘Aryan Underground’ Twitter account.

Union-Tribune (San Diego, CA): Latino man assaults black man with stick, uses racial epithets in hate crime.

Media Matters: Iowa newspapers largely fail to explain how new bill will roll back voting rights.

Think Progress: Fox News wants you to believe immigration detention centers are like paradise.