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Hatewatch Headlines 4/21/2017

Why militia groups are still surging in number; Trump invites Ted Nugent to the White House; Sullivan keeps plugging debunked race theories; and more.

PBS Newshour: Why armed militia groups are continuing to surge across the nation.

Right Wing Watch: Donald Trump invites violent, anti-Semitic gun activist Ted Nugent to the White House.

Mother Jones: An interview with the white nationalist who says Trump inspired him to assault black woman at rally.

Salon: Trump’s first war is right here at home – a militarized assault on undocumented immigrants.

Think Progress: Judge who Trump criticized for being Latino will oversee case of deported DREAM student.

Media Matters: Refinery29 properly labels FAIR an anti-immigrant hate group.

AlterNet: Why Andrew Sullivan won’t stop pushing deranged and thoroughly debunked race science.

Raw Story: Alex Jones tells jury his marijuana has gotten too strong, and George Soros is to blame.

WIST-TV (Columbia, SC): Clutching an AR-15, congressional candidate blasts politicians who want to take down Dixie flag.

Snopes: No, a Berkeley woman slugged by white nationalist at protest was not throwing explosives.

Talking Points Memo: Police back down after charging two black students with hate crime for burning Trump sign.

Wonkette: Idaho Republicans refuse to support community college out of fears about ‘Shariah law.’

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