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Hatewatch Headlines 5/10/2017

White racism among police is a serious problem; ‘Sharia’ conspiracist lands key Trump post; Lawmaker denies he’s mysoginist ‘Red Pill’ boss; and more.

AlterNet: White racism in America’s police departments is so much worse than most Americans understand.

Fast Company: Activists are pushing back against tech platforms that quietly empower hate groups.

Right Wing Watch: Former mayor noted for pushing Sharia Law conspiracy theory named to Trump administration job.

Review Journal (Las Vegas): Prosecutors seek to retry first batch of defendants in Bundy standoff case.

Media Matters: Gavin McInnes and Alex Jones discuss whether women ‘deserve’ to be attacked when they stay out late.

Daily Beast: GOP lawmaker from New Hampshire denies he’s Reddit ‘Red Pill’ boss, who’s moved on to a new alias.

City Pages (Minneapolis, MN): Rep. Matt Dean blames ‘anti-GOP’ ‘thugs’ for Capitol clash with armed neo-Nazis.

Mother Jones: Meet Nathan Damigo, the white nationalist who ‘falcon punched’ a 95-pound female protester.

Newsweek: ‘Cuck Knight’ who disrupted a white-supremacist rally in New Orleans being vigorously sought by alt-right.

Independent (UK): South Dakota state officials attend ACT! for America meeting where Muslims are compared to sharks.

NPR: Feeling kinship with the South, increasing numbers of Northerners flying their Confederate flags.

Miami Herald: Man walking his dog assaulted by two others who tell him ‘All faggots need to die.’

Flagler Live (FL): Man arrested on weapons charges invokes ‘sovereign citizen’ claim, then trouble escalates.

Pocono Record (Stroudsburg, PA): Sovereign citizen accused of molesting daughter of friends because ‘I loved you all too much.’

Minot Daily News (ND): Vandals scrawl racist, anti-Semitic messages on walls of Minot church.

BillyPenn (Philadelphia): Philly college campuses plastered with hate groups’ ‘unprecedented’ recruiting flyers.

Salon: Austrian court rules that Facebook must remove hateful content across the board.

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