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Hatewatch Headlines 6/6/2017

Why right-wing extremist terrorism is rising; Savage calls for internment camps; Somali woman badly beaten in Ohio hate crime; and more.

Newsweek: Homegrown terrorism and why the threat of right-wing extremism is rising in America.

Gizmodo: Louisiana congressman calls for holy war on Muslims: ‘Hunt them, identify them, and kill them all.’

Media Matters: Trump ally Michael Savage calls for ‘World War II style internment camps’ following London attack.

Washington Post: How a ‘shadow’ universe of charities joined with far-right political warriors to fuel Trump’s rise.

Medium: Documenting the anatomy of an automated online hate-propaganda machine.

Carbonated: Somali woman in Ohio viciously beaten by man for standing up to his anti-Muslim abuse.

The Forward: The left must root anti-Semitism out from within its own ranks.

Billings Gazette (MT): Prosecutors say sovereign citizens tried to take kids along on ‘suicide mission.’

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia lawmaker infamous for defending Klan named to civics committee.

Think Progress: Rep. Steve King’s challenger has dropped out of the race, citing death threats that King calls a ‘fabrication.’

Denver Post: The third noose in a week has been found in Washington, D.C.

Right Wing Watch: Anti-refugee activist Corcoran warns conservative women they ‘better have babies’ to prevent Sharia takeover.

Raw Story: Here are how ‘race tests’ keep some evangelical churches lily-white.

New York Daily News: Man accused of cutting woman’s face with umbrella in brutal anti-LGBT hate-crime assault.

The Chattanoogan (TN): Two of four guilty verdicts dismissed against anti-Muslim extremist Doggart in planned militia attack.

Pink News: North Carolina woman on trial for beating man to ‘expel homosexual demons’ admits fueling mass attack.

Truth Against the Machine: Flint official says water crisis was caused by ‘n------ not paying their bills.’

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