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Hatewatch Headlines 8/8/2017

Militias supporting pro-Trump politicians; Trump’s silence on mosque attack stirs anger; Why Christian nationalists love Trump; and more.

The Trace: Right-wing militias are now actively supporting some state and local pro-Trump politicians.

Washington Post: Minnesota mosque firebombing is ‘deeper and scarier’ than previous threats.

Newsweek: Trump’s failure to condemn Minnesota mosque attack stirs social-media anger.

Right Wing Watch: End-times prepper Pastor Jim Bakker was invited to the White House.

Think Progress: Why Christian nationalists love Trump, thanks to the undertow of authoritarianism.

The New Republic: The left’s supporting role in American hate theater.

This American Life: Fear and loathing in Homer and Rockville: How anti-immigrant fervor hits the oddest places.

Recode: Google has fired the employee who penned a controversial memo on women and tech.

Raw Story: White nationalists melt down, whine that ‘civil rights are being violated’ after Airbnb cancels accounts.

The Denver Post: Swastika, other anti-Semitic scrawls found at Colorado Springs synagogue.

The Forward: T-shirt company sells rainbow-swastika design as ‘symbol of love and peace.’

Metro Weekly (Washington, DC): Oklahoma gay man files civil-rights lawsuit after his home is burned to the ground.

OC Weekly (CA): Orange County GOP rejects alt-right figure Johnny Benitez over alleged anti-Semitism.

Detroit Free Press (MI): Recall effort targets Trump-loving Kasatka Village president for anti-Muslim posts.

Free Thought Now: ‘Pro bono’ religious law firms are costing taxpayers millions and blaming everyone else.

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