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Hatewatch Headlines 8/28/2017

Oklahoma police chief’s neo-Nazi past revealed; Anti-terrorism program shuts down; Why the Bundys and their cohort keep winning; and more.

Daily Oklahoman: Interim small-town police chief to resign amid report of connection to neo-Nazi sites.

Kansas City Star (MO): As domestic terrorism like Charlottesville rises, federal program to fight it shuts down.

New York Times: As white nationalist at Charlottesville fired his gun, police ‘never moved.’

The Conversation: Over the years, Americans have been increasingly exposed to extremism.

AlterNet: If this is civil war, then pick a side: Trump, white nationalism and the future of America.

Wired: Violent alt-right chats could be key to Charlottesville lawsuits’ success.

The New Yorker: Why the Bundys and their heavily armed supporters keep getting away with it.

Media Matters: Joe Arpaio credits Alex Jones for convincing Trump to issue pardon for contempt conviction.

The Atlantic: Local officials want to remove Confederate monuments, but their states won’t let them.

ABC News: Confederate leaders’ descendants want monuments taken down.

Raw Story: ICE stranded 50 immigrant women and children at closed bus station in the path of Hurricane Harvey.

Right Wing Watch: Radical anti-choice group Operation Save America claims to be working within Kentucky state government.

Think Progress: Republican gubernatorial candidate claims his anti-Semitic rant about George Soros was just a joke.

The Guardian (UK): Two schools in Mississippi — and a lesson in race and inequality in America.

The News Journal (Wilmington, DE): Police investigate Ku Klux Klan graffiti vandalism at playground, vehicles.

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