Hatewatch Headlines 9/8/2017

Trump sends up flares to white supremacists; Carlson defends Perkins’ hate group; Right-wing extremists stalk their enemies online; and more.

Mother Jones: Trump’s signals to white supremacists aren’t dog whistles, they’re flares.

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson defends Tony Perkins’ hate group because its members aren’t Nazis.

The Intercept: How right-wing extremists stalk, dox, and harass their online enemies.

The Forward: Six Trump administration officials with ties to anti-Semites.

Denver Post: Colorado officials banished 211 Crew members, but may have spread seeds of white supremacist ideology.

Columbus Dispatch (OH): Citing safety, Ohio State denies platform for white-nationalist speaker Richard Spencer.

AlterNet: Five absurd attempts to equate right-wing terrorists with left-wing groups.

Think Progress: Meet the man who has become white supremacists’ favorite cartoonist, whether he likes it or not.

Right Wing Watch: FAIR spokesman claims ungrateful ‘Dreamers’ have no right to call U.S. home.

Salon: When listeners bombarded him with racist texts, ESPN’s Dan Le Batard ripped them apart.

KPHO-TV (Phoenix, AZ): Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar retweets links to anti-immigrant hate group ALI-PAC.

Tucson Weekly (AZ): Pima County board has no ability to censure supervisor Ally Miller for her white-pride posts on Facebook.

Medium: When the racist is someone you know and love, having the courage to speak out is essential.

Raw Story: Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson spread racist fake news about black Harvey ‘looters.’

Vice: Canada’s newest ultra-nationalist group plans to make show of force at rallies.

Media Matters: In reporting on DACA, media outlets are uncritically legitimizing anti-immigrant hate and nativist groups.

The Stranger: Trump’s nativist America is only 10 miles south of downtown Seattle.