Hatewatch Headlines 9/12/2017

Trump and the rise of American authoritarianism; ‘Free speech’ champion a racist novelist; Pompeo undermines CIA’s diversity mandate; and more.

Vox: Donald Trump’s presidency marks the ascendancy of American authoritarianism.

AlterNet: Horror stories reveal that Trump’s radicalized and empowered ICE agency is terrorizing immigrant communities.

Daily Beast: The far right’s latest ‘free speech’ champion is a would-be racist novelist.

Media Matters: SPLC calls on Fox to correct ‘inaccurate’ and ‘irresponsible’ segment about organization’s finances.

The Hill: Sessions’ DOJ supports Joe Arpaio’s push to have his contempt conviction vacated.

Huffington Post: Arpaio says he’ll never apologize for racially profiling Latinos as sheriff.

Foreign Policy: Snub of Matt Shepard’s parents a sign that Pompeo may be killing CIA’s diversity mandate.

Raw Story: Influential lawyer who inspired Trump’s Muslim ban claims whites ‘are genetically superior’ to people of color.

Politico: White supremacist and antifascists alike take advantage of loose gun laws to bring weapons to rallies.

KCUR-FM (Kansas City, MO): Missouri militia members find new political energy at rallies and demonstrations.

Indianapolis Star (IN): From vandalism to murder, a litany of hate crimes goes largely unnoticed in Indiana.

Los Angeles Times: Man with swastika tattoo charged with hate crime after punching man, yelling racial epithets.

Think Progress: Fox and Friends panel equates 9/11 memorial with Confederate monuments.

Seattle PI: How a former Marine became the Bundys’ anti-government ‘protector’.

CNN: Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore often appeared on show with pastor who called for death penalty for gays.

Right Wing Watch: Anti-choice group backed by Rand Paul says it wants jail time for women who have abortions.