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Hatewatch Headlines 9/25/2017

Trump issues new travel ban adding new nations; Politicians accept thousands from extremists; Milo flounders at his Berkeley campus appearance; and more.

Mother Jones: Trump drops revised, indefinite travel ban, adding citizens from Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela.

Media Matters: Fox & Friends is sympathetic to neo-Nazis marching, but outraged over sports players kneeling.

NBC Bay Area (CA): Investigation finds politicians accept thousands from donors with ties to extremist groups.

Salon: Addressing white supremacy cannot be a losing fight for progressives.

Think Progress: Russian, American white nationalists raise their respective flags in Washington.

Huffington Post: Milo Yiannopoulos flounders at desperate ‘free speech’ rally on UC Berkeley campus.

Business Insider: The far right is struggling to sustain interest in its social-media platforms.

Review-Journal (Las Vegas, NV): Cliven Bundy wants to fire his attorney just as his trial is about to begin.

Mediaite: Tucker Carlson isn’t even trying to disguise his white-nationalist leanings anymore.

The Guardian (UK): We’re at the end of white Christian America, and that will have profound political implications.

Fox News: Colorado school says Confederate flag raised at football game led to injuries, racial slurs.

Washington Post: Why Americans can’t agree on which crimes are hate crimes.

Right Wing Watch: Roy Moore boasts of endorsements from neo-Confederate secessionist, activist who approves killing abortion doctors.

Raw Story: LGBT students at Kansas high school face vile abuse while participating in homecoming parade.

WUSF-FM (Tampa, FL): Tampa neo-Nazi group founder to plead guilty to possessing explosives. 

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