Hatewatch Headlines 10/9/2017

Fox News mainstreams white supremacists; Nationalists march in Charlottesville again; Armed man arrested at Portland ‘Patriot’ rally; and more.

Media Matters: How Fox News is mainstreaming white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

New York Times: White nationalists reappear in downtown Charlottesville in torch-lit protest.

Think Progress: Mike Pence protests NFL protest, but stays silent on white supremacist rally.

Oregonian: Armed man arrested at rally pitting ‘Patriots,’ anti-fascists in downtown Portland.

Baltimore Sun: A Baltimore Klansman tried to rebrand the KKK, but now he awaits trial in Charlottesville shooting.

Palm Beach Post (FL): University of Florida sets Oct. 19 for speech by Richard Spencer, $500K security bill looms.

ABC News: Jeff Sessions consulted with anti-LGBT hate group in drafting memo on religious freedoms.

Right Wing Watch: Breitbart remains silent on bombshell report on its alt-right connections.

Raw Story: Ex-Breitbart spokesman explains that Bannon is colluding with white nationalists to ‘advance a radical agenda.’

Vice: Arizona congressman suggests Charlottesville was a George Soros-backed conspiracy.

National Public Radio: Militia defendant wants Cliven Bundy trial postponed after Las Vegas massacre.

Phoenix New Times: Phoenix man hands guns over to police after Vegas, is inundated with threats.

Newsweek: Nazi targets Jewish man who said white people shooting white people isn’t terror.

Westword (Denver, CO): How a Colorado state senator wound up posing with a white supremacist.

AOL.com News: White-supremacist posters show up on Oklahoma State campus.

Pew Research Center: Study finds seven in ten Americans say homosexuality should be accepted by society.