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Hatewatch Headlines 10/13/2017

Values Voters an anti-constitutional gathering; Turner Diaries remains a force on the right; sheriff wants ‘good’ prisoners to stay where they’re useful; and more.

Right Wing Watch: Values Voters agenda reveals the religious right’s ongoing hostility to the Constitution and its values.

Media Matters: Alex Jones peddles Dinesh D’Souza’s completely made-up anti-Semitic attack on George Soros.

Think Progress: A look at The Turner Diaries, the book that lies at the heart of white nationalist violence.

Huffington Post: Louisiana sheriff wants ‘good’ black prisoners to stay jailed for their free labor.

Oregon Public Broadcasting: State Justice Department clears ‘constitutionalist’ Grant County sheriff of misbehavior.

CNN: Charlottesville suing to stop private militias from participating in future rallies.

The Intercept: Before Charlottesville was in the news, police arrested their most prominent critic in the middle of the night.

Washington Post: Third white supremacist arrested in Charlottesville garage beating of a black man.

Raw Story: National Guardswoman, verbally assaulted by man who hated seeing black person in uniform, ‘will continue to stand tall.’

Rewire: Immigrant minor held ‘hostage’ in Texas because she wants to obtain abortion care.

KTHV-TV (Little Rock, AR): Nine white supremacists among the 44 people arrested on a major gun-and-drug bust in Russellville.

Capital Gazette (Annapolis, MD): Young man who hung a noose outside a middle school makes a public apology.

Muckrock: CIA’s archives finally reveal the ‘tasteless’ KKK joke deemed too sensitive for the public.

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