Hatewatch Headlines 10/23/2017

Combating racism has to go beyond just words; Cable TV muted on neo-Nazis’ gunplay; Many hate crimes are actually domestic terror; and more.

The New York Times: Fighting racism is not just a war of words.

Media Matters: Cable news almost completely silent on neo-Nazis charged in gunplay at Spencer rally.

The Conversation: Are many hate crimes really cases of domestic terrorism?

AlterNet: Nine heinous acts of white-nationalist terrorism committed just this year.

Huffington Post: ‘Crusader’ militiaman charged in Kansas terrorist bomb plot will be jailed until trial.

CNN: Inside a small-town Arizona militia.

Star-Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Bloomington mosque that was firebombed in August has now been burglarized.

Think Progress: Virginia Tech is letting an avowed neo-Nazi teach English composition.

CNet: Facebook, who’s buying those hate-speech ads? Congress members would like to know.

ArsTechnica: In its new timeline, Twitter will end revenge porn next week, hate speech in two.

Deseret News (Salt Lake City): Why are those with ties to white supremacists making our immigration policy?

Salon: Sen. Sherrod Brown declares Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller both white supremacists.

Raw Story: Are those billionaire mega-donors the Mercers getting ripped off by their alt-right protégés?

Right Wing Watch: Bryan Fischer’s understanding of the 1st Amendment fluctuates to suit his needs.

Post-Register (Idaho Falls, ID): Conspiracy theorist Tom DeWeese warns Rexburg audience of plot for global domination.

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