Hatewatch Headlines 11/7/2017

Racism on the ballot around the USA; Bundy family trial gets under way in Nevada; Trump’s ambassador for women an ardent anti-feminist; and more.

Think Progress: Explicit racism is on the ballot Tuesday.

ProPublica: White supremacists share bomb-making materials in their online chats. 

BuzzFeed: Here’s what you need to know about the Bundy family as they head to trial for their armed standoff.

Right Wing Watch: Trump’s ambassador at large for women’s issues has a long anti-feminist, anti-LGBT record.

Just Security: Trump’s galling double standard on terrorism holds up a powerful mirror to the media, too.

Aeon: The alt-right and radical Islamists have a lot more in common than any of them wish to admit.

AlterNet: Russian propagandists took a page out of America’s racist political playbook.

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson defends 4chan’s ‘it’s okay to be white’ campaign.

Tennessean: Safety commissioner says broad selection of weapons confiscated during White Lives Matter rallies.

UpRoxx: University of Texas police chased off a group of tiki-torch wielding white nationalists over the weekend.

Daily Beast: Google autocompletes far-right conspiracy theory linking ‘antifa’ to Texas massacre.

Detroit News: Columnist Thompson wins lawsuit about ‘white supremacist’ label filed by noted hatemonger Edwards.

NBC News: ‘Terrorism’ flyer targeting Sikh mayoral candidate being investigated as possible hate crime.

Vox: Liberty University booted an anti-Trump Christian author from its campus with armed escort.

Associated Press: Slaying of black Georgia man that haunted family for decades now linked to racial hatred.

Haaretz: Meet the women trying to soften the white nationalist movement’s image.

Salon: Far-right leaders have double standards for immigrants, embracing xenophobia and calling it liberalism.

Essence: Mosques are receiving threats in the wake of recent New York City terrorist attack.

Macon Telegraph (GA): Shooting of Candace Towns marks the 23rd murder of a transgender person this year.

570 News (Toronto): White nationalists reportedly booby-trap Toronto campus posters with razors.

Timeline: Before there was Richard Spencer, there was his intellectual godfather, Louis Beam.

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