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Neo-Nazi Alex Linder calls on "Roof crew" to "kill our enemy"

On Tuesday, Alex Linder, a former member of the National Alliance and proprietor of Vanguard News Network (VNN) — a web forum that considers Stormfront too tame — called on “self-chosen undergrounders who kill our enemy” to focus on the “softest targets … among tyrannical antiWhites.” 

Linder envisions this “Roof crew” — a reference to Dylann Storm Roof, the Charleston, South Carolina, racist mass murderer — to then “[expand] to jews as they gain experience.” 

The post on VNN’s forum appears in a thread labeled “Debate: What Should We Be Doing Now?: Parrott, Anglin, Wallace, More” where Linder brought over an argument that is raging across the far-right over what tactics and strategies to pursue in the wake of August’s deadly protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The debate ignited after neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer criticized the protests last month in Shelbyville, Tennessee, where a few hundred far-right activists appeared in their biggest showing since Charlottesville. Anglin had also criticized Charlottesville organizers for the violence and mocked the far-right activists decked out in tactical gear who took to the streets.

Matt Parrott of the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) distilled the debate between “Imageboard Nationalism,” a stand-in for Anglin and his followers, and “Street Nationalism,” which Parrott, TWP, Bradley Dean Griffin (aka Hunter Wallace), League of the South, and other nationalist and national socialist organizations currently advocate for. And this is where Linder came in.

After sharing posts from different sides of the debate, Linder ultimately recommended a more ecumenical approach, with room for all the warring factions including a “White council of distinguished elders,” “anonymous poster activism,” a “White Liberation Army” as well as the “Roof crew.”

This is not the first time Linder has endorsed violence.

Ten years ago, well before Richard Spencer and others were taking to the streets, Alex Linder organized a white supremacist rally in Knoxville, Tennessee. Dressed in an expensive suit and speaking without notes, he ranted on a PA System about "criminal n------" and "Big J--." Linder ended his speech with "Until we get rid of the Jews controlling our government, ain't nothing gonna change."

Eight years ago, in December, 2009, Linder publicly advocated for the extermination of Jews. "You know as well as I do that the correct policy toward jews is to exterminate them — all of them."

Thirteen months after making this post, in January 2011, Kevin Harpham, one of Linders' forum members, attempted to set off a backpack bomb during a Martin Luther King march in Spokane, Washington. Prosecutors alleged Harpham was targeting Jews and minorities with his lethal IED.

In April 2014, another of Linder's followers, Frazier Glenn Miller, murdered three people on Passover weekend in front of a Jewish community center in Overland Park, Kansas. Linder would eventually testify as a defense witness in Miller's capital murder trial.

And on August 30 of this year, Linder wrote this about the anti-racist activists who appeared in Charlottesville:

I think you people need to look at the truth staring you in the face: killing these people is the only way to stop them. They aren't going to allow any kind of peaceful, legal opposition. That is self-evident from their behavior, as observed by me for four decades, and experienced personally on campus, in the mainstream media, and as a WN site founder.


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