Hatewatch Headlines 11/21/2017

Racism is a profitable online business; HUD rule change could OK discrimination; White nationalists descend on Tennessee’s state parks; and more.

AlterNet: Who knew that racism would turn out to be a highly profitable online business?

Salon: How an obscure rule change by the Trump administration could make discrimination great again.

Washington Post: Trump administration to end provisional residency protection for 60,000 Haitians.

Think Progress: Trump’s racist rants follow a pattern, and even his supporters are getting tired of it.

The Daily Beast: Steve Bannon lobbied Trump to stop him from publicly criticizing Roy Moore.

Tennessean: White nationalists are descending on Tennessee’s state parks after being denied private venues.

WKNO-FM (Cordova, TN): Arkansas man charged in ‘Unite the Right’ beating of black man is extradited to Virginia.

Media Matters: A white supremacist who got permanently banned on Twitter attempted a comeback and failed.

Detroit Free Press: Richard Spencer’s lawyer threatens University of Michigan with suit if it doesn’t let him speak.

Slate: FRC’s Tony Perkins reportedly covered up sexual assault against teenager by rising GOP star.

Fox News: North Carolina fire department loses its funding over Confederate flag flown outside station.

Oregonian: Jeremy Christian will remain in jail pending trial for Portland MAX stabbings.

Democrat-Herald (Rochester, NY): Pittsford man pleads guilty in hate crimes case, moves to mental health court.

WJBK-TV (Detroit, MI): Transgender woman targeted and violently attacked in Detroit, second suspect caught.

Northern Star (DeKalb, IL): Local man charged with religious-based hate crime for harassing Muslim woman.

Huffington Post: Teaching white supremacy: How textbooks have shaped our attitudes on race.

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