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Hatewatch Headlines 11/28/2017

Trump drops slur on Navajo veterans; Ex-skinhead says Trump’s popularizing bigotry; Bible studies leader quickly expands administration role; and more.

Talking Points Memo: White House defends Trump’s use of ‘Pocahantas’ slur in event honoring Navajo veterans.

The Atlantic: The nationalist’s delusion: How Trump’s backers follow a long tradition of permitting discrimination.

Raw Story: Ex-skinhead explains how Trump is popularizing white supremacy in the United States.

The Atlantic: The banality of white nationalism: Tony Hovater stands in a long American tradition.

Washington Post: Why treating white nationalists as normal Americans is unacceptable.

Right Wing Watch: Leader of Trump Cabinet Bible studies aggressively expanding right-wing proselytizing to government officials.

Media Matters: The many ways Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting against transgender student equality.

Salon: Alex Jones boasts that Donald Trump repeats the things the host tells him ‘word for word.’

Right Wing Watch: Frank Gaffney claims malls with Arabic signage are ‘bringing in Sharia.’

Phoenix New Times (AZ): Dreamers are taking bigger risks to get the attention of Congress.

Kitsap Sun (Bremerton, WA): White supremacist charged with felonies for harassing people at Kitsap Mall.

New York Review of Books: Remembering Ku Klux Klambakes and the darker side of the American narrative.

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