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Hatewatch Headlines 12/4/2017

Trump tweets elevate the far-right fringe; White nationalists protest Steinle verdict; Border vigilantes remake themselves as free-speech protectors; and more.

Salon: Trump has kept the alt-right alive by sending them signals of encouragement.

Washington Post: Trump’s tweets elevate a tiny fringe group of anti-Muslim haters in Britain.

The Hill: Dozens of senators criticize Trump for his anti-Muslim tweets.

Yahoo Finance: Twitter backtracks on why it didn’t block Trump’s retweets of hate group.

BuzzFeed: So far, Twitter is avoiding explaining why far-right accounts in the UK still have blue check marks.

Newsweek: White nationalists protest Steinle verdict outside White House, are chased away by antifascists.

Vice: Anti-immigrant vigilantes on desert borderlands are rebranding as free-speech defenders.

Media Matters: Alex Jones warns of a ‘plan to kill’ Trump that will spark a ‘massive civil war in this country.’

Raw Story: Anti-Semitism fuels far-right response to news of Flynn’s guilty plea in Russia probe.

Right Wing Watch: Center for Security Policy event closes with anti-refugee take on Niemoller poem.

Seattle Times: ICE tracks down, arrests immigrant who spoke to newspaper about ramped-up enforcement.

Associated Press: Utah wildfires exposed would-be survivalist’s hidden bunkers containing explosives.

The Root: Cleveland police union chief who hated black NFL protests gets the boot from his rank and file.

Oregonian: Judge rules that Gresham police were wrong to interrogate suspect in alleged race-motivated killing.

News-Leader (Staunton, VA): Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers show up in Highland County neighborhoods.

KRIS-TV (Corpus Christi, TX): 14 local men arrested, charged in crimes related to Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

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