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Hatewatch Headlines 12/13/2017

Moore loses in Alabama, and sanity wins everywhere; How Bannon tried to sabotage Twitter; Gohmert urges Russia probers be fired; and more.

The New York Times: Roy Moore loses, sanity reigns.

Esquire: What kind of country is this going to be?

BuzzFeed: This is how Steve Bannon and Breitbart tried to sabotage Twitter.

Right Wing Watch: Rep. Louie Gohmert says Russia probe investigators must be fired to prevent ‘coup’ and civil war.

Think Progress: ‘We’re being suppressed’: Black Alabamians were forced to cast provisional ballots.

Political Research Associates: The three pillars of the alt-right: White nationalism, anitsemitism, and misogyny.

Media Matters: Fox’s Chris Wallace ignores Ben Shapiro’s history of bigotry and misinformation.

Oregonian: Far-right provocateur Gavin McInnes tries to game paper’s ‘Person of the Year’ vote for ‘Patriot Prayer’ leader.

Columbia Basin Herald (Moses Lake, WA): Court issues $5,000 bench warrant for ‘constitutionalist’ Gavin Seim, now in Mexico.

Washington Post: Protester who grabbed Lucian Wintrich’s ‘It’s OK to be white’ speech charged with theft.

AlterNet: Michigan police won’t explain why they arrested an 11-year-old black girl at gunpoint. No, George Soros is not ‘grooming’ a pro-Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Michigan governor.

Raw Story: A historian destroys Roy Moore’s myth about ‘united’ black families during slavery.

Salon: What are the roots of Moore’s radical views on the Constitution?

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