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Hatewatch Headlines 12/18/2017

How Trump’s name became a racial jeer; Ryan challenger has nationalist street cred; When will Facebook take hate seriously? And more.

New York Times: ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ How a president’s name became a racial jeer.

The Hill: White House says it’s ‘contemptible’ for people to invoke Trump’s name for bigotry.

Huffington Post: A Republican looking to replace Paul Ryan comes with white-nationalist street cred.

Pacific Standard: When will Facebook start taking hate seriously?

Vox: Twitter is days away from finally banning the Nazis. Yes, really.

Newsweek: Alt-right Trump supporters are worried about falling victim to a ‘Twitter purge.’

The Daily Beast: New Mexico school shooter had a secret life on pro-Trump white-supremacy sites like the Daily Stormer.

CBS News/60 Minutes: Letter from Charleston church shooter to anti-hate-group leader reveals no remorse for killings.

Right Wing Watch: The far right claims victory over ‘the Establishment’ after ‘net neutrality’ repeal.

Crooks and Liars: It isn’t just the New York Times that has normalized Nazis.

Politico: This evangelical leader denounced Trump, and then the death threats started coming in.

Oregonian: Bureau of Land Management supervisor contradicts whistleblower’s concerns in Bundy case.

Vancouver Columbian (WA): White-supremacist murderer Luyster receives consecutive life sentences.

Tulsa World (OK): Man accused in attacks targeting homeless now charged with racial hate crime.

ShareBlue: Virginia GOP Senate candidate says his bigoted remarks about gays are OK because he said them on Christian radio.

Raw Story: Racist neighbor sends slur-laced threats to black woman for ‘hurting property values’ with Black Lives Matter sign.

Eagle Tribune (Andover, MA): Police investigate swastikas left inside classroom at Andover High.

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