Hatewatch Headlines 12/19/2017

How nationalists tapped into pent-up racism; Charlottesville police chief steps down; Conspiracists falsely blame derailment on ‘antifa’; and more.

USA Today: How white nationalists tapped into decades of pent-up racism to spark a movement.

Recode: Twitter’s new rules could result in a major purge of alt-right accounts.

Washington Post: Charlottesville police chief resigns in wake of report on white-supremacist rally.

Salon: Alt-right goes anti-capitalist? Well, so they say.

Newsweek: ‘Antifa’ falsely linked to Washington train derailment by right-wing conspiracy peddlers.

AlterNet: Is FCC chairman Ajit Pai a closeted alt-right sympathizer?

Huffington Post: ‘Trump Effect’ means rise both in positive attitudes toward Muslims and in hate.

Mostly Muslim: Why I stopped publicly condemning terrorism attacks as a Muslim.

Media Matters: Latest far-right conspiracy: The CIA hacked a Hawaii database to forge Obama’s birth certificate.

PolitiFact: GOP lawmaker claims FBI purged Muslim-related training documents, but we found that was just half the truth.

Right Wing Watch: ‘Constitutional Sheriff’ Richard Mack announces he’s making a run for Congress.

Think Progress: Two immigrant teenagers detained by Trump administration can get abortions, judge rules.

NBC News: Ex-student accused of harassing black roommate won't be charged with hate crime.

ADL.org: Backgrounder: ‘Patriot Front.’

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