Hatewatch Headlines 1/16/2018

Recalling how King faced his own ‘fake news’; Black people get little counseling for racial trauma; How the alt-right twists social science to justify racism; and more.

Snopes.com: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: A history in rumor.

Salon: Here’s how Republicans are whitewashing the memory of Dr. King this year.

Think Progress: Black Americans suffer most from racial trauma, but few counselors are trained to treat it.

The Nation: How the alt-right uses social science to make their racism respectable.

Reveal News: A look at how white supremacists recruit online.

The New York Times: Donald Trump’s racism: The definitive list.

Raw Story: Here are the six most misleading euphemisms for Trump’s racist rhetoric and unhinged behavior.

Media Matters: Meet Peter Imanuelsen, aka Peter Sweden, the alt-right’s favorite Swedish conspiracy theorist.

Right Wing Watch: Alex Jones says media will soon claim that Trump rapes and eats Haitian babies.

Detroit Free Press: After 30 years in the U.S., but too old for DACA, metro Detroit immigrant deported to Mexico.

Knoxville News (TN): Ronnie Lucas Wilson, neo-Nazi suspected in police shooting, captured in Blount County.

Washington Post: Forgotten in the classroom: The post-Civil War Reconstruction era.

AlterNet: After successfully bringing down her local Confederate monuments, this activist says she’s running for office.

Chicago Tribune: After drubbing by the press, ambassador to the Netherlands apologizes for anti-Muslim remarks.

Mother Jones: The battle over racial gerrymandering is once again headed to the Supreme Court.

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