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Hatewatch Headlines 1/18/2018

ADL report reveals resurgent far-right violence; Colleges eye tumult over ‘free speech’; Data mining is antifascists’ secret weapon; and more.

The Atlantic: The resurgent threat of white-supremacist violence is revealed in a new report.

New York Times: Colleges around the nation prepare for tumult in 2018 as white supremacists demand a stage.

The Guardian (UK): The American far right is crashing after its post-Trump victory high.

Wired: Meet antifascists’ secret weapon against far-right extremists.

Washington Post: Calling out racists is actually good for your health, according to science – here’s how to do it.

Salon: Trump’s racism seems likely to doom any immigration compromise, so now what?

Talking Points Memo: Sessions tells Carlson, ‘A good nation’ doesn’t admit ‘illiterate immigrants.’

Right Wing Watch: Gavin MacInnes dedicates his MLK Day broadcast to smearing MLK.

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson has a Fox News meltdown after guest calls out his racism.

Reuters: Britain bans entry for prominent American denier of the Holocaust.

Raw Story: Alyssa Milano slams Sebastian Gorka over GOP immigration policy: ‘Nazi is your first language.’

Kansas City Star: Arkansas fans made monkey noises and crow caws at a girls’ basketball team with black players.

WLWT-TV (Cincinnati, OH): U.S. judges rule in favor of Mexican woman who was deported from Cincinnati in 2017.

Columbia Journalism Review: Europe tries to fight hate, harassment and fake news without killing free speech.

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