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Hatewatch Headlines 1/24/2018

Man who threatened CNN identified with Hitler; New pro-Trump ‘secret society’ theory flourishes; DOJ now doing White House’s political bidding; and more.

Washington Post: Michigan man accused of threatening to attack CNN identified with Hitler, ex-classmate says.

Media Matters: The latest pro-Trump conspiracy theory: A ‘secret society’ within the FBI is undermining Trump.

Talking Points Memo: ‘Authoritarian’ White House puts DOJ officials in service of political agenda.

Washington Blade: Report finds record number of anti-LGBT homicides in 2017, with 52.

Salon: Academic freedom in the age of Trump: First off, don’t joke about ‘white genocide.’

Right Wing Watch: At ‘A Night For Freedom,’ the ‘New Right’ searches for its place in party politics.

The Guardian (UK): Border Patrol arrests member of group accusing officers of water sabotage.

CNN: Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and ‘The Game’ author Neil Strauss partnering on new book.

Think Progress: In effort to expose voter fraud, Kris Kobach instead exposed 945 Social Security numbers.

Journal & Courier (Lafayette, IN): Those KKK flyers in downtown Lafayette? This guy delivered them.

Oregonian: Firestorm grows around OSU student government rep’s white nationalist views, arrest.

Phoenix New Times (AZ): Latino civil-rights group sues Motel 6 for giving its guest list to ICE.

Central Jackman selectmen fire town manager over his plans to promote white nationalism.

JTA: Americans more likely than Europeans to stand up against anti-Semitism, experts say.

The Eagle (St. Louis, MO): Anti-immigration flyers citing Daily Stormer posted around American University campus.

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