Hatewatch Headlines 1/25/2018

ADF manipulates its client's business practices; ‘Religious Freedom Division’ a threat to health; White ranks of DAs a big factor in mass incarceration; and more.

Think Progress: Anti-LGBT hate group ADF orchestrates client business practices to win cases.

Wired: How the ‘Religious Freedom Division’ threatens LGBT health – and science.

AlterNet: Nearly all district attorneys are white – and that’s a huge obstacle to fighting mass incarceration.

Media Matters: A ‘pivotal player’ at Trump’s health department previously promoted ‘ex-gay’ conversion therapy.

Independent (UK): Number of anti-Muslim groups in U.S. has tripled since Trump launched campaign, experts say.

FiveThirtyEight: Are white evangelicals sacrificing the future in search of a mythical past?

The Guardian (UK): The currency of the far right: Why neo-Nazis love Bitcoin.

Texas Observer: ‘Patriot’ militiamen came to help a Cambodian community clean up after Harvey – and things got complicated.

Oregonian: Judge labels Malheur occupier Jake Ryan’s sovereign-citizen claims ‘legal gibberish.’

Los Angeles Times: Hate speech isn’t a crime – on Facebook or anywhere else.

Right Wing Watch: John Guandolo says the people behind the Russia investigation must be executed for treason.

Media Matters: Alt-right troll Peter Imanuelsen defended GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen’s antisemitism.

Pioneer-Press (St. Paul, MN): Lawmaker says speaker tied to anti-Muslim groups shouldn’t hold talk at Capitol.

Washington Post: Indiana Senate panel delays action on bill to create state’s first hate-crimes law.

Crooks and Liars: D.C. charter-school board official exposed as a white supremacist and rape advocate.

Arizona Republic (Phoenix): Bill to void non-English insurance contracts in Arizona is racist, opponents say.

KentWired.com (OH): Richard Spencer warns Kent State officials: ‘You’re gonna lose.’

Nevada Sagebrush (Reno, NV): Nevada-Reno student is the face of Charlottesville’s white supremacists on his Western campus.

Reuters: Amazon pulls kids’ clothes bearing ‘Slavery gets shit done’ slogan.

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