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Hatewatch Headlines 1/30/2018

Police keep Florida LOS rally mostly peaceful; Chicago cop’s posts reflect racial tensions; Hate-speech-related groups find new online platforms; and more.

Tallahassee Democrat (FL): Heavy law-enforcement presence keeps League of the South rally peaceful.

ProPublica: A Chicago cop’s ugly Facebook posts speak volumes in a city’s struggle with racism.

Sports Illustrated: Cleveland Indians to stop using Chief Wahoo logo on uniforms in 2019.

ABC News: Groups accused of supporting hate speech find alternative platforms online.

Media Matters: Alex Jones claims White House ‘directly asked Corsi to be on the 8chan beat’ to cover ‘The Storm.’

Rewire: Lines blurring between immigration priorities of Trump administration and hate groups.

Right Wing Watch: Rep. Matt Gaetz goes on Infowars to complain about being labeled a conspiracy theorist.

Think Progress: Judge halts deportation of prominent immigrant-rights activist detained earlier by ICE.

The Hill: Neo-Nazi group AtomWaffen SS is now alleged to be involved in five killings nationwide.

Texas Observer: How Texas colleges have responded to the hate groups behind all those racist flyers.

San Francisco Chronicle: White nationalists hang banner mocking ‘sanctuary city’ over entrance to freeway tunnel.

The Guardian (San Diego, CA): White supremacist group disrupts UCSD ethnic studies class, black resource center.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: White supremacist caught with ricin told cops he had ‘dangerous’ seeds – and they let him go.

Knoxville News-Sentinel (TN): Hearing postponed for white-nationalist suspect in Knoxville police officer’s shooting.

Arizona Republic: Michael Taebel, arrested in Phoenix-area police chase, is self-described ‘constitutionalist.’

Fox News: Rancher Cliven Bundy, recently freed after case dismissed, sues Nevada and Clark County.

Slowly Boiled Frog: A reminder that American Family Association is as anti-Muslim as they are anti-LGBT.

Huffington Post: Nearly 700,000 people have been subjected to conversion therapy, report finds.

PublicSource (PA): Victims speak about being targeted by a Pittsburgh white supremacist for being ‘race traitors.’

Billings Gazette (MT): Ex-sheriff David Clarke will be keynote speaker for Yellowstone County Republicans.

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