Hatewatch Headlines 1/31/2018

Trump immigration policy harkens back to 1920s; Scheme to make money off ‘The Wall’; Legislators meet with ‘constitutionalist’ extremists; and more.

Think Progress: Trump has proposed the most racist immigration policy since the KKK wrote our laws in the 1920s.

ProPublica: New details revealed in scheme to make millions off first border wall in Texas.

Right Wing Watch: Republican legislators from Idaho, Washington meet with ‘constitutionalist’ extremists.

Media Matters: Facebook featured a post from Alex Jones pushing ‘The Storm’ theory on a Trending topic page.

CNN: Immigration backlash is coming from places least touched by immigration.

Akron Beacon Journal (OH): Rejection doesn’t deter white nationalist from bids to speak at Kent State, other schools.

KentWired (OH): Kent community mostly relieved school has denied Spencer his bid to speak on campus.

The Source (St. Louis): ‘Perceived threats’ gone, record expansion of hate groups slows under Trump.

VoxPol: The hidden face of hate groups online: A former neo-Nazi offers insights into how they work.

Seattle Times: Black man fighting for his life after unprovoked racist ‘rage’ attack in Auburn.

Indianapolis Star (IN): Indiana lawmakers kill hate crimes legislation again, leaving state one of five without.

Phoenix New Times (AZ): Republican congressman demands Dreamers be deported from State of Union speech.

Detroit Free Press: Civil-rights hero Morris Dees reminds audience to stand up for immigrants.

Tampa Bay Times (FL): Likely candidate Corcoran runs ad suggesting anyone can get killed by immigrants.

Huffington Post: States with ‘No Promo Homo’ laws are hurting LGBT students across the nation.

WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee, WI): Kenosha County sheriff apologizes for heated racial comments about theft, chase suspects.

Register-Guard (Eugene, OR): Man with extensive neo-Nazi background arraigned in stabbing.

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