Hatewatch Headlines 2/5/2018

White nationalists coming to college campuses; Alt-right troll picking the government; Holocaust denier sole GOP candidate in Illinois race; and more.

AlterNet: White nationalists could be coming to a college campus near you in the next year.

Knoxville News (TN): Matthew Heimbach plans to launch lecture series at the University of Tennessee.

Forbes: An alt-right troll outside Trump Tower is helping to pick your next government.

Think Progress: Republican National Committee endorses ban on transgender military service.

The Hill: Holocaust denier is sole GOP contender in Illinois race for Congress.

Washington Post: The Justice Department is going after Berkeley on free-speech grounds, and that’s unfair.

Denver Post (CO): Demonstrators chanting Nazi slogans dispersed at Colorado State campus.

Newsweek: Neo-Nazis threaten high school after false report ‘alt-right’ student was expelled.

Splinter: Jimmy Kimmel gave a national spotlight to anti-immigrant members of a known hate group.

Media Matters: On CNN, Rep. Matt Gaetz defends appearing on Infowars and bringing Holocaust denier to State of Union.

Right Wing Watch: Alex Jones warns the Deep State will bomb federal buildings and blame Infowars.

Raw Story: You won’t believe what American high schools are teaching their students about slavery.

The New York Times: White supremacy left its women champions behind, and it shaped the movement today.

Los Angeles Times: Officer punched as tempers flare between white nationalists, Latinos in San Diego park.

Associated Press: Idaho House panel reintroduces legislation to outlaw Sharia law.

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