Hatewatch Headlines 2/6/2018

Alt-right figure’s lie about service exposed; Trolls steal #MeToo for their own uses; Turning Point USA’s far-right connections; and more.

New York Times: How our reporter uncovered a lie that helped propel an alt-right extremist’s rise.

Think Progress: Growing number of killings tied to young white supremacists being recruited online.

Media Matters: Far-right activists and alt-right trolls are using the #MeToo movement to bolster their xenophobia.

TruthOut: Young fascists on campus: Turning Point USA and its far-right connections.

Haaretz: What is Atomwaffen Division, the Nazi group tied to the murder of Blaze Bernstein?

Forward: White nationalism is spreading in the Jewish Orthodox community.

Talking Points Memo: Breitbart deletes racist tweet that said Muslims would someday outlaw football.

Right Wing Watch: Trump Jr. says his dad isn’t racist because of ‘all the rappers’ he used to hang out with.

50.50: Has Trump’s White House resurrected the violent Army of God anti-abortion extremist faction?

CNN: Trump ambassador nominee promoted fringe conspiracy theories on his Twitter account.

Newsweek: Black Lives Matters flag at Vermont high school attracts ire of white supremacists.

Daily Beast: Tennessee sovereign citizen convicted after giving phony advice on how to plunder the Federal Reserve.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO): Feds add gun charge to St. Charles man facing terrorism charges in Amtrak incident.

Politico: ‘Repulsive’ and racially incendiary political ads create firestorm in Illinois governor’s race.

Wichita Eagle (KS): Kris Kobach will represent himself in upcoming trial over citizenship voter law.

AL.com: Alabama prep football announcer tells crowd that people should be shot for not standing for the anthem.

KTRK-TV (Houston, TX): Authorities find stolen vehicles, guns at alleged Aryan Brotherhood chop shop.

Billings Gazette (MT): Progressive Billings church gets hit again with swastika, anti-gay graffiti.

Reveal News: Police say federal immigration policies are making it harder to catch criminals.

Medium: Cheap white whine: Racism, affirmative action, and the myth of white victimhood.

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