Hatewatch Headlines 3/2/2018

YouTube war escalates as users suspended; Time to think of far right in security context; How a small PA town became a far-right target; and more.

Right Wing Watch: The war for YouTube escalates as platform suspends far-right users.

Daily Beast: Leaked: The alt-right playbook for taking over YouTube with white nationalism.

Think Progress: Conservatives really don’t want the SPLC to help YouTube police hate.

Defense One: National security pros, it’s time to talk about right-wing extremism.

In These Times: How a small city in Pennsylvania became the target of white nationalists.

KALW-FM (San Francisco, CA): How well is law enforcement dealing with the surge in white supremacists?

Tampa Bay Times (FL): Man charged in neo-Nazi double murder to remain in state mental hospital until trial.

Media Matters: Cable and broadcast TV news spent less than 40 minutes total covering 2017’s unprecedented anti-LGBT violence.

Huffington Post: There sure were a bunch of white nationalists at CPAC this year, huh?

Al Jazeera: U.S. civil rights groups decry ‘anti-Shariah’ legislation proceeding in Idaho Legislature.

The Guardian (UK): Marine Le Pen charged by French judge with having posted violent ISIS images on Twitter in 2015.

AlterNet: Majority of Americans believe Trump is a racist after the first year of his presidency.

Salon: How right-wing conspiracy theories grow: Mainstream pundits give them power.

CNN: Longtime Fox News executive who wrote controversial Olympics column is out at network.

The Baffler: Fear and loathing in Cascadia: How an eco-friendly movement has been hijacked by the alt-right.

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