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Hatewatch Headlines 3/7/2018

Alt-right infighting hits a feverish pitch; Atomwaffen loses major platforms; Far right teams up to exploit South Africa strife; and more.

The Guardian (UK): How should the media cover America’s racist extremists?

Newsweek: Is the alt-right dying? White supremacist leaders report infighting and defections.

National Public Radio: Neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division connected to five killings in three states.

ProPublica: Atomwaffen loses some of its major platforms after report exposing its activities.

Detroit Free Press: Macomb attorney says he’s resigning from alt-right group, blames media.

Unicorn Riot: ‘We’re American, and we’re fascists’: Inside ‘Patriot Front.’

Media Matters: Far-right activists are teaming up with white supremacists to exploit South African politics.

Associated Press: White nationalist Richard Spencer to drop lawsuit against Ohio State over appearance.

Think Progress: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach seeks to deliver a devastating blow to voting rights.

Huffington Post: Ben Carson removes anti-discrimination statement from HUD’s mission statement.

Right Wing Watch: Gavin MacInnes suspects immigrants may be to blame for social-media censorship.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Ex-Las Vegas police detective, Oath Keeper, announces bid for sheriff.

Central Jersey Courier News (NJ): ‘Stop blaming white people’ sign found outside Flemington post office.

Cornell Daily Sun (NY): Cornell student from Canada may be deported if convicted of hate crime.

Tacoma News Tribune (WA): White nationalist groups hit Tacoma colleges with hate speech and other propaganda.

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