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Hatewatch Headlines 3/14/2018

Hatreon may implode amid hate fundraising; YouTube to add Wikipedia information to videos; Corsi claims Trump picked 8chan for ‘The Storm’; and more.

Think Progress: Hatreon, white supremacists’ favorite fundraising site may be imploding.

The Verge: YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about conspiracies.

Right Wing Watch: Jerome Corsi claims Trump personally selected 8chan for leaking intel about ‘the Storm.’

Media Matters: After being sued, Alex Jones stands by allegedly defamatory claims about witness to Charlottesville car attack.

Raw Story: Illinois contractor who bid on Trump’s wall bombed a mosque and told neighbors he was building a ‘n----- shredder.’

AlterNet: Donald Trump just cited an anti-immigrant hate group that has promoted Holocaust deniers.

KTLA-TV (San Diego, CA): ‘Burn it!’ Pro-Trump protesters shout after Mexican flag falls from passing car during presidential border visit.

Think Progress: Idaho House passes an un-scientific and unethical anti-abortion bill.

Press-Herald (Portland, ME): Maine school board member resigns after being criticized for racist social-media posts.

Salon: Sundance’s ‘Hap and Leonard’ tackle the Klan, racial toxicity and repeating history.

Inside Philanthropy: Coming to terms with the controversial Sackler Family and its toxic gifts.

Slog: Murdock Trust’s surprising financial ties to far-right anti-LGBT, anti-abortion groups.

National Public Radio: National Geographic confronts its dubious past: ‘For decades, our coverage was racist.’

Reuters: Norwegian political storm evokes both Donald Trump and terrorist Anders Breivik.

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