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Death of imprisoned white separatist Gary Yarbrough becomes fundraising cause

Within a week of white separatist Gary Lee Yarbrough dying in prison, his wife is using his image and case to raise money for what she says will be a legal challenge to his death.

Susan Hillman Yarbrough posted on Facebook that t-shirts bearing the legend “Justice for Gary Yarbrough Over the Bars to the Stars” will be sold on the website

The site also raises money for other imprisoned neo-Nazis and related causes.

Gary Yarbrough, the one-time security chief for Aryan Nations and a member of the domestic terrorist group The Order, died at the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colorado, a facility best known as Supermax, on April 2.

He was due for release from prison on October 28, 2024, after being convicted on a number of charges related to racketeering and counterfeiting. 

Susan Yarbrough, who lives in western Louisiana, has since launched a campaign against the federal Bureau of Prisons, accusing them of “murdering” her husband who she married while he was in prison. The t-shirts are the first of her public fundraising efforts.

“We are iffy about overseas orders because they are stopping anything movement related but these have nothing racial on them they are just memorial shirts that will help pay for Gary's service and monument,” Susan Yarbrough wrote on Facebook.

On the surface, looks fairly innocuous, with a purple background and talk of custom t-shirts and fundraising for charities.

But, after a few clicks it becomes clear the site is a white nationalist and white supremacist fundraiser.

The website features a “Noble POW: Behind the Wire” page with information about Gary Yarbrough, Jacob Goodwin, who is charged with assault after the violent Charlottesville rally and a list of people it considers “POWs” — prisoners of war. Among those are Marvin Gustafson, an avowed skinhead serving prison time in Washington state for killing two people in a dispute over racist philosophies, white supremacist James Cale, who is serving time in Oregon for murder and multiple other racists and white nationalists.


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