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Hatewatch Headlines 4/16/18

Richard Spencer is kicked off Facebook; the Coachella festival’s ties to anti-LGBT causes; did the Vietnam War consolidate and radicalize the white power movement, and more.

Vice: White nationalist Richard Spencer’s pages kicked off Facebook.

Orange County Register: Sanctuary opponents travel from town to town, screaming their agenda.

Newsweek: One-third of Americans think “substantially less” than 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

Huffington Post: Trump judicial nominee refuses to say if she agrees with desegregated schools.

Daily Mail: A Virginia school board refuses to change names of some schools and mascots that recall the Confederacy.

New Republic: A new book examines the question: Can white supremacists unlearn hate?

Register-Guard: A Republican candidate for Oregon’s State House of Representatives frequently makes vitriolic and expletive-filled anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim posts on social media.

Daily Beast: This past weekend’s Coachella music festival in California was funded by a right-wing billionaire who has funded anti-LGBT causes.

Newsweek: White House Bible study is led by a pastor who is anti-gay, anti-women and anti-Catholic.

DeadSpin: American boxer wearing anti-immigrant trunks gets soundly beaten by Mexican opponent.

Vox: A new book claims anti-government sentiment created by the Vietnam War helped consolidate and radicalize the white power movement.

Quartzy:  A multi-media artist creates artifacts that he says underline prevailing racism in American life.


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