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Hatewatch Headlines 5/18/2018

Radicalized young men are turning violent too; YouTube ‘Super Chat’ pushes extremes; Vegas shooter was a conspiracy theorist; and more.

Vice: The terrifying trend of white men radicalized online becoming terrorists in real life.

BuzzFeed: How YouTube’s ‘Super Chat’ system is pushing video creators toward more extreme content.

Think Progress: Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock believed conspiracy theories about government plot to seize guns.

Talking Points Memo: Trump says he only called gang-affiliated immigrants ‘criminals,’ but that’s not true.

Think Progress: 1,000 ‘domestic terrorists’ are being investigated currently by the FBI.

Associated Press: Judge orders David Duke to turn over his Charlottesville-related messages.

Media Matters: Gab’s new ‘groups’ feature makes it easier for racists to categorize themselves.

Right Wing Watch: Far-right pastor gives Alex Jones a handgun, assures him he’s protected by God.

New York Times: LGBT students at southwestern Oregon high school were bullied, forced to read Bible.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA): Protesters want store with controversial ‘Nordic’ symbols on windows to leave Fredericksburg.

News Leader (Staunton, VA): ‘Ghost Squad’ militia group plans to rally against local GPS-tracking business.

Raw Story: Georgia Republican’s bigoted ‘deportation bus’ stunt backfires as his tour is barred at Cracker Barrel.

New Civil Rights Movement: Anti-LGBT extremist Rep. Raul Labrador loses primary race for Idaho governor.

Guttmacher Institute: How conservatives are weaponizing ‘religious liberty’ to allow institutions to discriminate.

Mother Jones: It’s time we had a talk about white people calling the police on black people.

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